ACNE Design LLC is a multidisciplinary graphic design firm founded by me, Alex Knowlton, in 2015. I am the sole employee, holding all positions from CEO to under-appreciated intern. As such, I won’t use the pronoun “we” when “I” is more accurate and transparent.
    I created this company at the request of one of my clients because they were being hassled by the IRS for contracting individuals, rather than hiring them as employees. Under the aegis of my company, I am still a freelancer who retains autonomy but can now more easily work as a consultant.

Throughout my career, I’ve pursued dream jobs that promised to be varied and creatively rewarding. I strive to over-deliver on client expectations with original ideas that are expertly executed. This approach has consistently yielded measurable success for my clients, plus awards and recognition for me.
    Contact me to discuss your design needs and I will point you to relevant case studies and schedule a meeting.

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Design Direction

I’ve led teams large and small, strategized, delegated, and oversaw all creative collaborators, such as photographers, illustrators, programmers and printers.

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Digital Design

I’ve conceived, designed, and developed innovative websites, keynote presentations, motion graphics, hybrid PDFs, emails and mobile apps.


Print Design

I’ve also designed and prepped for every conceivable print medium, including magazines, signage, book covers, packaging, stationery and posters.

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I’ve developed entire identity systems, from research, ideation, logos, testing and style guides, through to complete implementation and production.

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I’ve started each project with a thorough understanding of the materials and my client’s goals. Effective design begins with research and a creative strategy.

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I’ve called upon all of my skills and experience to create multi-tiered packages that synthesize branding, printed materials and digital components.


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Williamsburg, Brooklyn β€” The New York Times won’t shut up about it. It’s the hottest neighborhood in the best city on Earth. It’s teeming with artists, musicians, foodies and tourists, and it’s only one subway stop away from Manhattan. I get to look at that skyline all day.

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Copake, NY, is surrounded by gorgeous views, wildlife, farmland, culture and excellent restaurants. It’s a short drive to Tanglewood and museums in the Berkshires, or Olana and art galleries in Hudson, NY, which is considered to be the upstate equivalent of Williamsburg.

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South Beach

Miami Beach, FL, is an international petri dish of artists, celebrities and billionaires. The resulting cultural scene includes Art Basel, Art Wynwood, and countless theater and music venues. Nice weather is only one of the reasons snowbirds flock here each winter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you be in three places at once? I can’t. I’m not quite smart enough to create clones or androids that are as capable as my actual self. That said, I can be anywhere I’m needed. My offices are all located near major travel hubs. Each office has an abundance of resources and inspiration, along with a network of nearby colleagues and collaborators. I am everywhere
Aren’t you a little too old to be relevant? No. My passion, intelligence, experience and commitment to innovation have all strengthened over the years. I’ve mastered most of the tools, techniques and technologies required to produce anything I can conceive. While many of my contemporaries stagnate, I actively study and understand current trends, specifically to avoid them. Old Pro
Why’d you pick a stupid name for your firm? It’s a branding gimmick to make my company name more memorable. Almost everyone is familiar with the ACME brand made famous by Road Runner cartoons, and by subverting the spelling to ACNE β€” a repellent word that has nothing to do with design β€” it becomes considered. First, you notice that something’s wrong. It looks like it should be ACME. Then you start to ask yourself questions; “Is that a really bad typo? If not, why pick such a stupid name?” Those mental machinations increase stickiness. Stupid Name
What makes you think you’re so great? I’m actually very humble and self-effacing. You should really ask my worshippers. I’ve been praised as the best art director, designer, boss, mentor, teacher, friend and uncle; several times each. I’ve accumulated countless awards, not just from my peers in various design industries, but also in business, technology, and publishing circles. Okay, I’m sure we’re both convinced of my greatness now, yes? The Greatest